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STS129 lands

Space shuttle Atlantis landed safely at 9:44ET

For full picture click here    For video click here

Monza 2018

Had a great time at Monza this year!  Here'd thr momrnt Hamilton overtook Kimi :)

Testing some HTML5

Canvas Gradient


I just love this rap explanation of the LHC :)

Space Shuttle Atlantis lifts off for space station

The space shuttle has once more taken off to deliver more cargo to the International Space Station. 

To see a video of the launch, click here

Frankie gets invited to Manchester

Frankie has received her first University interview invite to study astrophysics today. She'll be going to Manchester Uni on 3rd December.  Good luck Frankie!


Breaking news

Large Hadron Collider back in action

Twin beams are spinning round the LHC in Switzerland at last

Infographic (BBC)

More info...

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