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New TV

Got a new 3D HDTV this Christmas :) Panasonic TX-P50VT30B

Best TV we've ever had and highly recommend to anyone. Don't pay over the odds as you can now buy it on-line for 40% less than list price. One small tip: If you skip the internet setup when you first power on, the Viera Connect service won't work. If like me, you did this, then reset it to factory defaults and set up the wireless during the first power on.

Heather's 50th

Helen's sister, Heather, decides to celebrate her 50th birthday in Sunny BlackPool.

More photos of Heather's trip are available under the birthdays section in the photo gallery.

IIS Smooth Streaming

Only just realised that Windows 7 and IIS let you deliver smooth streaming video content directly from your home PC. I've only implemented it for Microsoft SilverLight so far (try videos below), but will be using ffmpeg to create content that will work with Flash and iPhones/iPads pretty soon. Amazing what you can now do with a home PC

Malta 2011

Helen and Frankie girl's holiday in Malta. Pick on the pictures to see the videos.




Upstage 2011

Frankie struts her stuff at Upstage 2011. Pick on the pictures to see the videos. Double-click on the videos for full screen.


We will rock you

iPhone version

Frankie turns 18

When Frankie got up on Wednesday, she had no idea what was waiting outside for her.

More photos of Frankie's day are available under the birthdays section in the photo gallery.

My birthday present :)

When Helen and Frankie got stuck in New York due to the Icelandic volcano and missed my birthday, they decided to buy me a small present.

Helen's new car

Helen picked up her new car today ... the Silver Bullet

High res photo  

I love this car! Porsche 918

If there was any car I would like to replace mine with, this is it!

My Xmas present

I got a Kodak Zi8 high def point-and-shoot video cam for Xmas.  Below is just a quick snapshot of the kind of video it takes

High res photo   Low-res video  Hi-res

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