Silverstone 2013

Had a great time at Silverstone this weekend .. nice to have good weather for a change. This was probably my best F1 shot .. really quite tough using a 30 year-old, manual focus, no image-stabilisation Carl Zeiss Jena 135mm lens (cost me £80) together with neutral density filters to try and get the best shot wide open through the fence. Quite pleased with it though.

Plumbing in the wires

OK, putting my daughter's TV on a swively bracket thing sounded really easy.  Hiding the HDMI cable, the TV power cable, the Virgin media box power and signal cables, the virgin media power supply and two extension cables was a different matter.  Quite happy with the result though .. would have been better to dig out the walls, but that would have been one step too far ;)

Hi-tech speakers

As a treat for giving up smoking I wanted to buy myself new front speakers for the living room. After much debate with Helen they had to be "Piano black" and "Look nice". For me I just wanted the best sound at a price point that I could justify with the savings for giving up smoking. I eventually found these Q Acoustics Concept 20's which definitely fit the bill :)

A New Era in Physics

Fantastic day! The world has found a new particle after a very long time! Higgs or not, this will advance our understanding of the universe in a major way and will lead to new capabilities for our species that we as yet don't understand. We would be naive to think we have an understanding of the universe having only lasted for a few secs in the life of the universe, but it's a big step forwards