WOW ... how photography has changed (for the better)

Just bought an electronic viewfinder for my NEX-5N and am realising just how much photography has changed (for the better).  I now have a tiny, weeney camera that takes photos as good as most DSLRs.  I can put almost any lense on it (30 year-old or pretty new).  I can set it to aperture or speed mode and select the ISO.  Scariest thing is though that I can select the speed and aperture and ask the camera to select the ISO ...

... that's like changing the film on the fly in the old days :)

I now have a camera that is as portable and quiet as a Leica, yet gives me the viewfinder of a SLR ... really, this is the best of both worlds.

BTW: Sony charge £320 for the viewfinder, yet you can get it shipped in 2 days from Hong Kong for about £200 ... still scarily expensive, but feels worth it.

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