3D TV .. No sound!

Anyone who has bought a 3D TV and has tried to connect it via their older AV receiver will probably have run into the same problems I did ... the older HDMI standards not allowing 3D pass-through. Simple answer: bypass the AV receiver by connecting HDMI directly to the TV and then run optical audio back to the receiver. :( Nope doesn't work because HDMI copy protection stops it. Read on if you want to know how I solved this

My best answer was to run optical audio from my PlayStation 3 and my Virgin Media cable box directly to the AV receiver .. that all worked fine, but I had run out of optical ports on my receiver. Investigated all kinds of HDMI splitters, but they either didn't do the job or were too expensive. In the end, I found the above device at Maplins for £17. It's a digital audio to coaxial audio converter. I had two spare digital coax ports on the back of my amp, so could now take the optical audio from the TV and convert it to coax. A very simple answer that now has all my sources feeding the right audio through my amp whilst still giving me 3D TV. Much quicker and cheaper than replacing the amp

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