Does infinity work?

Thought I'd see whether the old Carl Zeiss Jena focusses correctly at infinity.  Here's a shot of the moon at 100% crop to see how good or bad it is.  Not exactly a telescope, but not bad!?  Hand-held, 1/500th second at 9pm whilst it wasn't quite dark.

WOW ... how photography has changed (for the better)

Just bought an electronic viewfinder for my NEX-5N and am realising just how much photography has changed (for the better).  I now have a tiny, weeney camera that takes photos as good as most DSLRs.  I can put almost any lense on it (30 year-old or pretty new).  I can set it to aperture or speed mode and select the ISO.  Scariest thing is though that I can select the speed and aperture and ask the camera to select the ISO ...

Carl Zeiss Jena 135mm F3.5

Here's my latest acquisition:  an early 80's Carl Zeiss Jena 135mm F3.5 MC lense with M42 thread.  Cost about £50 off eBay plus £20 for the M42 to Sony-E adapter.  Only had it a day, but so far the quality of the photos it produces looks stunning.  A bit of lateral CA, but that can be corrected really easily in GIMP.  Some very boring, but sharp photos are here: CZJ135 Photos

3D TV .. No sound!

Anyone who has bought a 3D TV and has tried to connect it via their older AV receiver will probably have run into the same problems I did ... the older HDMI standards not allowing 3D pass-through. Simple answer: bypass the AV receiver by connecting HDMI directly to the TV and then run optical audio back to the receiver. :( Nope doesn't work because HDMI copy protection stops it. Read on if you want to know how I solved this

New TV

Got a new 3D HDTV this Christmas :) Panasonic TX-P50VT30B

Best TV we've ever had and highly recommend to anyone. Don't pay over the odds as you can now buy it on-line for 40% less than list price. One small tip: If you skip the internet setup when you first power on, the Viera Connect service won't work. If like me, you did this, then reset it to factory defaults and set up the wireless during the first power on.